Pinky Dinky Doo

Pinky is a sweet, happy, 7-year-old girl who loves being a kid! Pinky is a terrific storyteller and loves to make her friends laugh. Whenever Pinky, her little brother, Tyler, and her guinea pig, Mr. Guinea Pig, have a real-world problem, Pinky knows that she can crank up her imagination, THINK BIG, and tell a super-fun and imaginative story that offers an outrageous solution. Who knows? Perhaps wearing a sleepy beaver on your head or zip-zam-zooming off to Planet Squeedorp Prime for a Burp Day Party will be just the right answer to your problems!

Tyler Dinky Doo

Tyler is Pinky's 4-year-old brother and has two favorite things, soccer and the Moo Moo Miggy Monsters! Moo Moo Miggy Monsters is not only Tyler's favorite TV show, but also the coolest video game and action figures ever! Like any 4- year-old, Tyler has lots of questions. "Why do we need to save water?" "Can I have two best friends?" and "Where does belly button lint come from?" Tyler finds that with help from Pinky and her made-up stories, he can find the answer to lots of his questions.

Mr. Guinea Pig

Pinky has belonged to Mr. Guinea Pig for as long as he can remember. A normal guinea pig, Mr. Guinea Pig loves snuggling up to Pinky and playing on his exercise wheel, but in Pinky's made up stories, Mr. Guinea Pig is an amazing singer, astronaut, art collector, and all-around cool dude. In fact, he's anything Pinky imagines him to be!

Mommy Dinky Doo

Mommy Dinky Doo is a great cook, chauffeur, maid, storyteller, nurse -- you know, a mom! No matter how busy Mommy gets, she always has time to tell Tyler and Pinky how much she loves them.

Daddy Dinky Doo

Daddy Dinky Doo works in his animation studio, Daddy Dinky Doodles, where he makes funny cartoons for kids! On special occasions, he takes Pinky to work with him, because she loves to watch him play musical instruments, draw, write, and paint. As she watches, she learns how a story moves from Dad's head to his computer screen to the television. Daddy also loves to cook. His food experiments, while delicious, sometimes turn into a spicy problem for the whole Dinky Doo family!

Nicholas Biscuit

Nicholas and Pinky have been best friends forever. Nicholas is 6 and a half years old. He dreams of being a famous magician called "The Great Biscotti!" and he loves to be different. For example, instead of brushing his hair in a "normal" way, Nicholas combs it up in a triangle on top of his head. Pinky thinks that Nicholas is the funniest kid she's ever met.

Bobby Boom

Bobby is a 6-year-old going on 16. He is funny, quick-witted, and very smart. Bobby just got a super-cool new wheelchair for his sixth birthday. Whenever he and Pinky imagine themselves as the superheroes Boom Sonic Boom and Power Pinky, Bobby loves to pop wheelies in that baby!

Daffinee Toilette

Daffinee, (pronounced Daff-in-ee) is 7 years old, like Pinky. She lives in Ooh La La Towers, the apartment building next door to the Dinky Doo family's apartment. Daffinee loves shopping, her precious poodle, Fluffy Buffy Boo Boo, her parents, her butler, Jinkins, wearing her shiny trombone shoes and spangly dangly earrings, and her super sproingy hair. Daffinee also loves Pinky, and even though they seem to be complete opposites, Pinky and Daffinee are very good friends.